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Jen Powell (born Jen Powell) has always been mistaken for a boy. It's not always been easy but Jen

will now gladly retell the stories of her childhood, albeit much of it spent hidden behind their

mum’s leg. Jen's tales of mistaken or confused identity relay countless memories; infant and awkward

Jen at the shoe shop as the fitter asks politely whether she should fetch trasnformers or magic key

sandles and the agony as they are brought the latter, the mistaken toilet fiascos of many a shopping centre

or airport, changing room rows, and ID refusals. The humiliation, confusion and frustration, leading to

many a bad hair cut, enforced ponytail or hated frock, all gifted from good intentions. But what most

didn’t know was that Jen quite liked being a boy. Not all the time mind you, just when it meant not

waiting so long for the loo,or not being patronisingly offered a hand when lifting things, and quite crucially, a reason for not wearing a dress.


Adam All is and was the creation of Jen finding an inner peace and empowerment in their identity through

performance art; expressing not only a comic blend of gender stereotypical exaggerations and popular song,

but essentially finally getting the last laugh. Once people pointed and shouted 'Ugh! Is that a boy or a girl?',

now people marvel at their confusion.


Adam has been in development since 2001, explored and honed at Manchester Metropolitan University

where Jen studied contemporary arts, and finally delivered into the caberet scene in 2008. Now, in 2015, Adam All hosts a residency at SHE in Soho, celebrating and encouraging new Drag King talent. It's been 

a long journey and now Adam is in his element in the London cabaret world. Adam All has become a part

of Jen. However, although Jen pulls all the strings, they really can’t be held responsible for any bad behaviour

that he might display, that's in the small print. It’s really not their fault. 


Jen has an extensive background in music, taking lessons on as many as seven instruments., eventually

focussing on the saxophone and the ukulele. Singing has grown over the years to be Jen and Adams favourite form of musical expression, allowing space for other forms when the mood takes them. Fortunately, they have the same taste in music, favouring 80's power ballads and stadium rock, so it's quite conveneint that they should spend a lot of time together. 


Although comedy is integral to their art, Jen takes performance very seriously, especially the pratting

about in a beard bit, and the suggestive dance routines... Jen now lives in North London with their partner which has been a very positive step for Jen and for Adam. They both hope to live hapily ever after. Jen now hopes that through Adam, all his friends, the events and venues that support them, that drag kings will take their place on the cabaret circuit alongside the queens as equal and respected performance artists.


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